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How to start mining?

We provide you high-end facility, miner management and maintenance, but most importantly, ✅cheap electricity.

Buy your own GPU minining rig.

You are an miner owner. You can own miner and mine ✅without the need of IT / Mining / Programming knowledge

specialized device

ASICs are specialized device only for crypto-mining. And specialized for mining only 1 group of cryptocurrencies. They have ✅much higher mining efficiency than GPU rigs


Latest Reviews

Great approach in terms of willingness to help perfectly. I bought the miner 2 months ago I paid in advance the miner came on time top condition I recommend for me 100% satisfaction !!!

Peter Debnar / Lastname

I ordered Miner z15 and paid in advance. The communication of the parties to the order was a cool miner brought DHL home. I have already been involved and it is going without any problems. The power of the mineral varies in the given parameters, so I can say everything ok for myself.

Michal Tom / Lastname

Ordered miner A10 Pro 500, paid in advance, miner arrived in order DHL, the seller helped with the launch, everything works, I highly recommend

Pillipe Simon / Lastname

I ordered the A10 Pro 750. I sent the money in advance and… Uncertainty was unnecessary. The device is already in the company and doing its job. The data match the declared ones. .

Dar Toor / Lastname

Definitely recommend.👌 Miner paid in advance. He arrived exactly as agreed by the courier home. Great dealings and help at every opportunity. I will definitely cooperate with the next order 😊

Sara Mabtut / Lastname

I ordered the Antminer Z15 at the end of December 2020, at the beginning of January 2021 I paid in advance. It took longer than I expected but in early March 2021 the machine arrived. Everything OK.

Marco Albertin / Lastname